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We are Smilie Apps we develop all kind of mobile apps.


In MovieHub you can explore each and every movie of Hollywood, Bollywood and each genre easily. – Information about Upcoming Movies of any Genre. – HD Trailer of All the Movies along with movie info.

IPTV player

Watch your favorite TV Channels on Apple TV using IPTV Player without much effort. Thats a great app for TV addicts who love to stay at home watch TV with a cup of Tea. – Watch Amazing sports channels. – Watch Cartoon channels. – Watch Movie channels. and More

Live Streams

For the first time on Apple TV, we provide public Live streams from social networks. You can watch videos curated from social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok etc.

Brainer Quiz

Play the most addictive quiz game on Tablet and Android TV. The Game lets you play 15 question challenge Round and also you can play individual challenges with multiple categories of unlimited question

Satellite 360

Satellite 360 is multi problem solver app for satellite lovers. Find the Available Satellites in you area and set Align Dish. Ask questions and get answers from users across the globe.

Unique Eye AppLock

This is a completely new feature which is never seen before in Unique Eye AppLock world. Unique Eye AppLock detects your eye to enter input code and you use a unique combination of right and left eyes.

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